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Why Use Chemicals?

Why Chlorine?

Chlorine is used to kill potentially harmful germs and micro-organisms. It is arguably the most successful broad spectrum sanitiser known to man - broad spectrum because it tackles not only germs which include bacteria, viruses and fungi, but also microscopic plant life such as algae.

Fi-Clor chlorine-based sanitisers, available in a granular or tablet form, deliver chlorine which is safe for pool owners to use. When mixed with water they release a powerful and effective dose of free available chlorine which can be tested in pool water.


Owning a swimming pool can make every day seem like a holiday, especially if you have an indoor heated pool that allows you take a dip throughout the year. However, like all good things, a pool needs care and attention if you are to get the best out of it. Ideally, you should be able to enjoy swimming in crystal clear water with a minimum of fuss.

With Fi-Clor's simple pool care system you can achieve that ideal - perfect water quality from a complete range of pool care products that will give you clear, bright water throughout the season.


Swimming pool water is re-circulated and constantly re-used. Bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms deposited by bathers must be destroyed before they can pass from one person to another. Water must be thoroughly sanitised and chlorine is arguably the most successful broad spectrum sanitiser. The Fi-Clor Sanitiser range is the popular choice for outdoor pools. The built-in stabiliser prolongs the effective life of the chlorine in strong UV sunlight.

Shock treatment

To achieve good water quality and bather comfort, the impurities introduced by bathers need to be removed and any by-products need to be broken down. The pool should be treated at regular intervals with Fi-Clor Superfast products. Our Superfast range of sanitisers and shock treatments contain no stabiliser - which when present in excess may inhibit chlorine effectiveness.

Water Balance

Algae growth, eye and skin irritation and cloudy water are all common problems associated with unbalanced water. For water to be in balance, the pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness should all be within certain limits - if not, the efficiency of disinfectant, flocculent and other treatment products are inhibited. With our extensive range of corrective products the water balance can be easily adjusted and maintained.

Prevention or Cure

Even when pool water is disinfected and balanced it is still affected by the bather load, wind, air pollution, insects, surrounding vegetation and the ambient temperature. These factors can cause the water to become cloudy or turn green. Fi-Clor offers a complete range of Prevention or Cure products that not only solve these problems, but also prevent them from recurring.