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Water Testing

To get the best from your pool, your nearest approved Fi-Clor Pool Care Centre can provide a full water analysis and expert advice on what Fi-Clor products you may need to achieve perfect water conditions. In addition to this, Fi-Clor Pool Care Centres are also able to provide you a range of home test strips which enable you to determine correct levels of pH, free available chlorine, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and phosphate.

During the bathing season testing should be done on a daily basis.

Insta-Test 5 50 strips
measure Free & Total CI (or Br), pH, Alkalinity and Total Hardness

Insta-Test 3 50 strips
measure Free (or Br), pH, and Alkalinity

Insta-Test - Monopersulfate, Alkalinity, & pH 50 strips
A NO-WAIT 1-Dip Formula, designed to measure active oxygen,
and alkalinity specifically for use with spa water.