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Water Balance

The Ideal Levels

To achieve the perfect balance of pool water, here's what we recommend*:

The ideal pH level 7.2 - 7.6

Total alkalinity 80 - 150 mg/l

Calcium Hardness for liner pools min. 175ppm

Calcium Hardness for tiled pools min. 250ppm

Stabiliser 30 - 100 mg/l max.

*In certain areas of the UK the mains water balance may not allow these levels to be achieved.

Algae growth, eye and skin irritation and cloudy water are all common problems associated with unstabilised water.

For water to be in balance, the pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness should all be within certain limits - if not, the efficiency of disinfectant, flocculent and other treatment products are inhibited. Regular testing of pool water will ensure the correct remedial action can be administered.

With our extensive range of corrective products the water balance can be easily maintained.

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