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Spa Care

The basics of Spa Care

Chemicals keep spa water free from bugs and bacteria which could live quite happily in your spa. By looking after the water, you in turn are protecting the spa - the filter, the pipework and the finish.

For treatment dose rates and problem solving download our Spa Trouble-shooting Guide or ask your pool dealer for a copy.

For more detailed information about caring for your spa, see our Spa Owner's Handbook

The virtues of hot water have been recognised since ancient times, spas are a wonderful place to relax and unwind. However, moving warm water requires special care as bacteria needs little encouragement to flourish - a dark warm place such as spa filters or pipework is ideal.

Fi-Clor has developed a range of specially tailored products designed to sanitise, balance and protect your spa water.

The use of regular and shock disinfection products will ensure spa water remains sanitised. Fi-Clor offer a choice of granular and tablet products to make application easier.

Balancing the water makes your spa experience more comfortable by ensuring the disinfectant works more effectively. A balanced spa will also last longer and avoid expensive repairs.

By sanitising and balancing the spa water you are helping to protect the spa finish. Additional products such as water clarifier, anti foam and surface cleaner gel will ensure optimum protection.

Click on the product below for more information and dosing instructions.

For the full product regulatory CLP information of all the Fi-Clor product range see here.