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Shock Treatment


In addition to bacteria, algae and viruses, pool water also contains chloramines. Although not a direct health risk, they need to be broken down to maintain high quality water that's pleasant to bathe in.

High chloramine levels are responsible for eye-sting and that unpleasant stale chlorine smell associated with old-fashioned swimming baths. If chloramines are controlled, bathers in pools sanitised by Fi-Clor will only be aware of a faint, but reassuring trace of chlorine in the water, though in most cases the chlorine will be virtually undetectable.

Superfast Shock & Sanitiser products are made from calcium hypochlorite and contain no stabiliser, which when present in excess, may inhibit chlorine activity. Superfast Granules dissolve rapidly when added to water and produce an impressive 78% available chlorine.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor pools, with both granular and tablet versions helping to balance the water in soft water areas.

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