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Stabilised Chlorine or stabiliser-free?

Fi-Clor Stabilised Chlorine is the popular choice for outdoor pools. The built-in stabiliser prolongs the effective life of the chlorine. Alternatively Fi-Clor SUPERFAST Shock & Sanitiser, ideal for indoor and outdoor pools, is made from calcium hypochlorite and contains no stabiliser, which when present in excess may inhibit chlorine activity. Your choice of sanitiser depends to a large extent on whether you have an indoor pool or an outdoor pool, the properties of the local water supply (i.e. whether you live in a hard or a soft water area) and personal preference - in particular the amount of time you are able to devote to maintaining your pool.

Fi-Clor chlorine-based sanitisers, available as a granular or tablet product, deliver chlorine in a solid form that is safe for pool owners to use, but when mixed with water releases a powerful and effective dose of free available chlorine. Choose from our Standard, Premium 5 or Superfast range.

Find out more in the Swimming Pool Handbook available from your Fi-Clor dealer.

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For the full product regulatory CLP information of all the Fi-Clor product range see here.

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