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Stain & Scale Remover

1 Ltr

Fi-Clor Stain and Scale Remover has been specially developed to help remove scale, rust stains and mineral deposits from pool surfaces, surrounds, showers and toilets. Equally effective on tiles and liners.

  • No unpleasant odour
  • Effective on all types of pool surfaces (Always test on an small descrete area before applying the product fully) 





  1. Wear gloves and eye protection.
  2. If possible, wet the surface to be cleaned.
  3. When diluting, always add product to the water, never water to product.
  4. Wipe on with cloth or sponge.
  5. If necessary brush the surfaces being cleaned. Rinse with plenty of water.
  6. For stubborn stains, repeat as required.

Warning: Do not use together with other products. May release dangerous gases (chlorine).

Precautions: Never mix chemicals, except by dosing into the pool separately and at different times. Never add chemicals to the water when bathers are in the pool. Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated, secure place away from oxidising and reducing agents, eg, petrol, oil, solvents and organic materials; ammonia, fertiliser and nitrogen compounds; strong acids and alkalis. Avoid direct contact with pool chemicals. Should there be skin contact with chemicals, wash thoroughly.

Disposal When empty and providing it has been rinsed out on the pool. this container may be disposed of via household recycling.

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