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Closing down your pool

It seems that Summer may have come to an end. So you might now be thinking about closing down your pool for Winter. Closing your pool down for winter is an important task and doing it correctly will mean that your water and pool surfaces are in good order for when you re-open the following spring.

You may have already closed your pool down for this year, but if not, we have put together a handy leaflet detailing step by step instructions on how to close your pool - have a look in downloads and save yourself a copy, alternatively, pop along to your local Fi Clor dealer or stockist to request a free copy. You could have a look on our seasonal maintenance page, which also gives step by step instructions or for a more visual approach visit Fi-Clor TV.

TOP TIP - If the winter is mild, add another dose of Winteriser in February and ensure thorough mixing and distribution throughout the pool.



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