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General Pool Safety

General Pool Safety

It makes good sense to establish safety practices around your pool. Review the safety rules at the beginning of each pool season. Some suggested rules are listed to the left.


  • Keep a complete first aid kit in a clearly marked and convenient location. Keep this kit out of the reach of children.
  • Family members should be encouraged to undergo training in mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Ideally this technique should not be practised without the appropriate training.

In case of emergency ring 999.

Around the pool

  • No running or pushing around the pool side.
  • Shower before swimming. This will reduce the amount of bacteria and contaminants that swimmers bring into the pool.
  • Keep a life saving ring in the pool area.
  • Keep all glass and other breakables away from the pool area.
  • Never use electrical appliances around the pool area.
  • DO NOT swim during thunder or lightning storms.

Pool safety for children

  • A supervising adult should be present whenever children are using the pool.
  • Install a sturdy fence around the pool.

Environmental tip

  • DO NOT back-wash into a stream, river or lake.