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Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety

Pool chemicals must be handled with great care. Certain precautions must be taken when handling and storing pool chemicals. Fire, explosion, or release of gas can result from misuse.  Always read and follow the dosages, directions and precautionary statements on each product label.

A chemical spill may require emergency handling, especially if there is any sign of activity, such as bubbling, smoking or fire.

In the event of a chemical emergency call the National Chemical Emergency Centre on 01235 239 670.

In case of emergency
call 999.

Use these checklists when handling and storing any pool chemicals.

Pool chemical handling checklist

  • Keep all chemicals out of the reach of children & pets.
  • Read first aid procedures printed on the product's label before using the product. If the product gets on your skin, in your eyes, is swallowed, or is inhaled, follow the correct procedure which is clearly printed on the label.
  • DO NOT use contents of unlabelled containers.
  • Keep an arm's distance away when opening the container.
  • Open all pool chemical containers carefully.
  • NEVER mix pool chemicals with any other substance.
  • NEVER mix different types of pool chemicals. Add each chemical to the pool separately.
  • ALWAYS add the chemical to the water, NEVER add water to the chemical.
  • Use separate, clean utensils and measuring cups for each pool chemical.
  • Use the exact quantities specified on the product label.
  • Immediately wash your hands after handling any pool chemical.

Pool chemicals storage checklist

  • Carefully seal each container tightly after use.
  • Store pool chemicals in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep pool chemicals away from heat or open flame.
  • Keep pool chemicals away from moisture, waste materials, dirt, chemicals (including other pool chemicals), pool chlorinating compounds, household products, soap products, paint products, solvents, acids, vinegar, beverages, oils, pine oil, dirty rags, or any other foreign matter.
  • Keep pool chemicals away from your lawn, shrubs and trees.

Pool chemical container disposal checklist

  • Wash empty pool chemical containers before disposing of them.
  • Dispose of all empty chemical containers according to the label directions on that product.