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I hear thunder......

So after this lovely spell of hot weather, we now have thunderstorms. Great to clear the air and water our brown grass, but not so great for our pools. Why? It's all to do with the lightning. During a thunderstorm, lightning creates nitrogen in the atmosphere. This nitrogen is then pulled down by the rain and ends up in your pool. Why is this a problem? Nitrogen is a plant food and algae is a plant. No matter how well you look after your pool, there could still be small amounts of algae in there, invisible to the naked eye. The algae feeds on the nitrogen and so your pool can quickly go from clear and sparkling to murky and green.

The best way to avoid your pool going green after a thunderstorm is to shock it using Fi Clor Superfast Granules.

We've created a a handy dosing chart giving you step by step instructions on shocking your pool.

Remember - a shocking thunderstorm, shock your pool!

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